Over 100 degrees F for 5 days in a row

The people who lives in Japan has been parched by the Sun for these days.
Very stable high pressure widely covers the Pacific Ocean and Japan Islands.
The lulling of the wind never cools the land, the temperature goes up and people gets an insomnia.

According to the Japan Almanac, tomorrow, July 26th 2010, is the "Doyou Ushi no Hi" which means the hottest day in the year.
A tsukudani, thick finished simmered fish, shop sells eel tsukudani ONLY tomorrow.
Japanese believes eel is the very effective ingredient for building energy to fight it out against the heat exhaustion.

# 100 degrees F: I described it with a feeling temperature because there must exist the reflected heat from the paved ground. The weather center reports yesterday was the forth day in a raw which records over 95 degrees F (35 degrees C), it was a tie-record. The center reports today's highest temperature was 93.92 degrees F, It's ALMOST a new record!

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